Thayer and his dog Remy by a waterfall

Some of my hobbies include

I live near a large park with a good mixture of woods, fields and urban streams. I like to walk my dog there and take note of what the plants are doing at different times of year, for example what trees are flowering or what herbs are making seed.

Picture of a Monarch caterpillar eating a milkweed leaf.

I enjoy gardening, and over the past few years I have converted much of my lawn to flower beds for native plants. I grew my first milk weed this year and had several monarch caterpillars, one of which is pictured above eating a milkweed leaf.

Picture of the cotton table runner that I wove in the Crackle style.

I also like to weave, and recently bought myself a floor loom. I like to use cotton thread and design my own patterns using variations of traditional Swedish Crackle. Above you can see an example of a runner that I made, using a color gamp in the warp and I experimented with both color and treading in the weft.